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  1. Please keep the blog coming – December 2008 is the last article I see.
    Sincerely, an ex-pat Arcadian

  2. Hi, I am a fellow Arcadian. I came across your blog while researching on a biz project i am working on in USC. I am interested in the house flipping biz and am wondering if i can learn more from you. hope i will be able to exchange some emails with you. thank you!

  3. One of the characters that has stuck arnoud from the early days of the project is very much my own: Tsuki. As a humble farmboy who nevertheless has Ultimate Cosmic Power sealed away inside him, reading TV

  4. You are making this real estate thing too complicated, to find the right property just run it through http://realbench.net first, if it is green you buy it and if it is red you don’t, it is that simple. That’s what everyone in the real industry is doing anyways. Share some of your tricks here at arcadiahousingblog.com that way we can help each one another .

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