Arcadia vs Temple City – $630k

Temple City is a small community-city bordering Arcadia and even crosses it in some areas. As seen on the map below, it is a little less than half the size of Arcadia,  For all you TC Rams, I’ve highlighted your city in green.

Today let’s look at what $630,000 will buy you in each city.

36 Alta St #b
Arcadia, CA 91006

Listing Price: $628,000 ($458/sf)

  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 2.5
  • Sq. Ft.: 1,372

This is your typical Arcadia stucco’d box townhouse. You basically have no backyard, no driveway and probably share a wall with the unit next door. For $628k, one can argue that it’s a great price for a newly built property (2007). Unfortunately, the market says otherwise because this particular unit has been sitting on the market for 161 days.

These are popular because many buyers would prefer to not spend the time and money maintaining a yard. Unfortunately, this property comes attached with a monthly $147 HOA fee. So I guess you still end up paying for the maintenace.

5760 Camellia Ave
Temple City, CA 91780

Listing Price: $629,000 ($486/sf)

  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 2.5
  • Sq. Ft.: 1,295

For this atypical Temple City home, you lose a room and restroom but gain 6,000sf in land. It is a 1931 custom built brick home and located near the corner of Temple City Blvd. and Las Tunas Dr. It is blocks from the Arcadia/Temple City border but that distance is the difference between a single family home and new townhouse.

Obviously, I’m not claiming these are comparable properties. But given $630,000, would you go for an older single family home or the newer attached product? Aside from the different school districts, Temple City and Arcadia basically share all the same amenities in the immediate area.

10 thoughts on “Arcadia vs Temple City – $630k”

  1. Arcadia has far better schools than Temple City. Also Arcadia has its own police force while Temple City has sheriffs office. Temple City’s main business drag, Las Tunas Drive, feels like you are in the 60’s. I wouldn’t say we share the same amenities.

  2. It’s incredible to see the difference just a few miles makes. Even with only the Sheriff’s office I think Temple City makes a great argument. I’ve been looking at properties in the area for a bit so I appreciate the insight. PropertyMaps has a website that has been a lot of help too that shows properties on the MLS with detailed info.

  3. Actually, both AHS and TCHS received 9/10 on the website. Arcadia may still have the slight edge in schools, but for amenities certainly any TC resident could just drive north a couple blocks to partake in Arcadia’s niceties.

  4. that is what I am talking about…. is this going to have a leveling effect on Arcadia…

  5. There are identical McMansions in Arcadia and Temple City. I would think that the Asian family who don’t have kids or not as wealthy will stick with TC if it saves them $150-250k.

  6. I remember not that long ago [15yr] Temple City was notorious for meth labs and tailer trash. My how times have changed!

  7. Though this comparison is flawed in some ways, it’s tough to argue against the fact that you can get more “bang for the buck” in Temple City.

    In California, home values are largely determined by LOCATION. Arcadia is a more desireable area to live in and raise a family, thus the higher prices.

  8. ive lived 18 year of my life in TC and have never stumbled upon one meth lab or trailer park

  9. Yeah, no such thing as meth labs here. We’re strictly an asian dominate community that has class. Arcadia is a larger city therefore it revenues more money and property taxes are set high which brings them an amazing school district. I’m a minority, probably one of the very few Egyptians that live in this community and I’ve lived in Temple City my whole life. Right down my street is Arcadia and right above my other street is El Monte. I had a permit to go to Temple City schools even though I lived in the city, but the district was El Monte. Slowly but surely Temple City will look identical to Arcadia with all the new construction housing of these mansions that unfortunately look awkward next to these miniature sized homes that house those with a smaller income. I personally don’t mind because it does nothing but raise my property value of my own home which is equivalent to their mansion sized garage.

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