Worth your $2MM in the Highlands

2209 Canyon Rd.
Arcadia, CA 91006

Listing price: $1,999,000 ($358/sf)

Beds: 6
Baths: 6
Sq. Ft.: 5,586
Lot Size 0.44 acres

Since it has been a long week at work for me, we will switch gears and avoid the usual negative comments regarding real estate.

So here we have a $2MM home located in the “prestiges” Highland Oaks community. It has plenty of rooms, 5,586sf of living area and sitting on nearly half an acre of land. That’s not all though. If you take a look at the maps below, this home is located on the most northern point of of Arcadia and basically backs up against the base of the local mountain.

At $358 per sq. ft., I give this home the thumbs up if someone wanted to pay spend $2MM in Arcadia. Unlike many other listings, the description does not dissapoint:

Newer Custom Mansion in Prestige Highland Oaks Area…Lavishing Architectural Design Surrounds You in this Newer Home…Impressive Views… Majestic Entrance, High Ceilings and Imported Crystal Chandelier… Marvelous Living Room with Gorgeous View,

Check out the photos!

Given that many McMansions in Arcadia are listing for around $2MM but either lack the size, view or location, this Highland home seems like a steal. Compare it to the following properties listing for $1.9MM:

619 W Palm Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007

238 W Las Flores
Arcadia, CA 91007

611 W Norman Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91007

My only question regarding this Highland home is this: WHY WAS IT PAINTED PEACHY/PINK?

12 thoughts on “Worth your $2MM in the Highlands”

  1. That covered patio in the backyard is something I’ve always wanted…

    Also, what is the long flight of stairs used for??

  2. Not that anyone who can afford a $2M house is too bothered, but what are the insurance implications of living right up against the mountain?

  3. I’ve never lived on a property like this but I can imagine that fire insurance will probably be a pain in the you-know-what to deal with. Make sure you inventory all belongings and anything worth more than $50. 🙂

  4. During the peak of the great housing bubble, many masions were purchased and occupied by a person or a couple only with housing equity accumulated and easy mortgage. It was a trophey of life time achievement for many.

    In reality, it is just waste and misuse of resources.

    How can a couple in their 50s, 60s or even 70s use all 5-7 beds and 5-6 baths? After a while each toilet does not get a flush in a month!

    But only if the mansion continues to appreciate in price, who cares and why not, right?

    But, the bubble has busted and the mansion becomes a giant size headeche.

  5. I used to rent near some water tanks and they made a lot of noise, pumps and motors running for several hours and a high whinning sound. Anyone know if that’s the same with these tanks?

    Nice and tastefully decorated home but who needs all that space, even for an extended family of say 8 this is way over the top.

    This just goes to illustrate how crazy this real estate market got. BTW, who cleans all these bathrooms and vacuums? Or do they just let get real dirty?

  6. Diddi,

    I grew up living in a ~1,400sf home with five (5!) other people. And although I know some people want much higher standards of living, I don’t see 6 rooms being filled up unless the parents move in or the family has multiple kids. If they do, then I guess they are lucky to have money leftover for a $2MM home…

  7. That’s not “Peachy/Pink”, that’s “Yuppie Pink”. We’ve got a LOT of condos in OC dating from the Eighties done in that color.

  8. they painted it that color to get your attention
    the entire pretend palace looks like an ostentatious piece of **** compared to the craftsman houses that created the neighborhood
    you seem ignorant of how the area changed when china changed their immigration law in 85
    chinese actually kill to get their multi-generational families in such an area
    you should hear their demands to the local school principles
    wildfire already burnt to the edge of this parcel
    it’s unlikely to be lost to rain
    the city council is imported
    the former police chief is the biggest joke i ever heard of
    he thought the local high schoolers partying in the 1970s was a communist plot !
    his name was chief hiney …

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