8,000sf McMansion – Makes me cry

330 W. NAOMI Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91007

Price: $3,680,000 ($451/sf)

  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 7.5
  • Sq. Ft.: 8,166
  • Lot Size: 0.59 Acres

Words cannot describe what I feel abou this property. Although I can understand why your multi-millionaire dollar celebraties and sport stars would buy an 8,000sf+ mansion/estate, why would anyone spend $3.6MM on a McMansion in the middle of Arcadia? Ok, I know Jet Li used to live here but even he has left town in search of bigger and better things.

Check out the photos. Apparently, no expense was spared.

As with the trend in Arcadia, developers just assume that the Chinese don’t use their backyards. All this “UNPARALLELED ATTENTION TO DETAIL” we reserved for the actual house – nothing was spent on landscaping:

For $3.6MM+ I would, at the minimum, expect a custom-designed pool with running waterfall and spa. Heck, even the equally bizzare 705 Carriage House has more to offer (minus the square footage).

Carried Away with the House
Price: $3,238,000 (Redfin link)

News – $262,000 price reduction!

11 thoughts on “8,000sf McMansion – Makes me cry”

  1. The interior photos are beautiful. I’d estimate $1-1.5 million to furnish the space with Ethan Allen, and 1/2 million for pool and landscaping.

    Final costs = A cool $5 millions. What a steal it is if money were not a problem.

  2. What can you say? It’s a gorgeous house, but as Arcadian mentioned, the backyard is a disappointment, but, hey, it’s low maintenance!

  3. wow… just read another Itulip.com article… scary stuff…

    This house is awesome, but it is telling that it is having some struggles selling.

    Maybe a person that could afford this house, doesn’t want to get into a lot of debt in a deflationary environment…

    So question, if you have a asset deflationary issue occurring why you have a commodity inflationary issue occurring, is debt a bad or good things

  4. I find this house tacky. It’s just ugly in my opinion. I don’t know what everyone sees in it, but it’s not unique, it looks like a gingerbread home, and it has no character. If you stare at the picture for a minute you can see the home is just a miss-mash of stuff in the front. It looks like it was designed by a 5 year old as an architect. It even has the garage in the front near the front door! Why not an carport arch leading to a garage in the bad or better side load?

    For 3 million they should have hired a better architect.

  5. Absolutely agree with the horrible garage location. You would expect a $3MM home to avoid the typical garage-loaded design.

    Many of these McMansions are targetted to the cash-loaded buyer who can’t tell the difference between an 8 and 10 foot ceiling, let alone arched ports and proper landscaping (or lack of).

    All they see is 8,000sf of living space, a house larger than the neighbor’s and “luxury” design elements that are commonly used in new tract homes throughout Orange County.

  6. Gorgeous?! Barbie’s dream house beats this “fob gangsta” abode. This structure just reeks too much money and too little education. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 25 years these Home Depot showcases end up being cut up into multi family homes.

  7. The house is very beautiful it consist of
    * Beds: 7
    * Baths: 7.5
    * Sq. Ft.: 8,166
    * Lot Size: 0.59 Acres
    which is enough for a big family,and it is also located at beautiful area,but the price is very high.

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