Enjoying a July 4th Weekend

We snuck into San Marino last night to check out Lacy Park’s annual fireworks show. From what I’ve heard, there are residents who camp out for the event 24 hours in advanced. The entire city must have congregated here because parking was horrible, there was a strong police presence and people were walking everywhere.

Lacy Park is a family, children and dog friendly site. If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking out.

I brought along our trusty camera and enjoyed the show. Here are some photos for you guys:

Before heading to the park, we stopped by the Starbucks on Huntington Dr. and San Marino Ave. It was a quite hour leading up to the fireworks show.

We got there late so I had to park near Huntington Dr. and enjoy the fireworks from a distance. Fortunately, my lens had enough range to take photos.

I hope all of you stayed safe and enjoyed July 4th!

7 thoughts on “Enjoying a July 4th Weekend”

  1. Nice photos. Next time you may want to shrink the aperture 1 to 2 stops, so that you would get better color (those look a bit overexposed).

  2. I could not afford the $4 entrance fee because it was already spent at Starbucks. As you can see from the photos, I resorted to viewing the spectacle from Huntington Drive.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was wondering why the blue or reddish tints kept appearing and I guess a filter + proper aperture would have helped.

  4. you shouldn’t need a filter. if you used a film camera i would recommend using fuji astia slide film. also, the smaller aperture will of course darken the night sky. pardon my capitalization, i am typing this on my phone. btw i love your blog.

  5. Interesting article! How else does one keep out the rift-raft? Keep the poor where they belong, outside of San Marino. I say raise the fee each year.

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