July 2008 Home Sales

Below are the July 2008 home sales figures for Arcadia and a couple surrounding cities.



ARCADIA 76 $633,000 -9.57%
TEMPLE CITY 35 $550,000 -8.18%
MONROVIA 37 $488,000 -9.96%
PASADENA 117 $510,000 -23.52%
13 $750,000 -11.76%
SAN MARINO 14 $1,191,500 -22.38%


**Edit: Added Sierra Madre**

SIERRA MADRE 8 $800,000 -17.95%

11 thoughts on “July 2008 Home Sales”

  1. $633k for Arcadia? Is this including unincorporated or are buyers able to get sellers down that far. I dont recall seeing a home at that price since the early 2000s. Condo sells must be included in those figures.

  2. This data is inclusive of condos and PUDs for sure. A great deal of homes have sold for $650k-ish over the last 6 months. But they are mostly fixer-uppers, 50-80 years old and borderline Monrovia. $633k for a decent SFR home in Arcadia will happen when the condos and PUDs start hitting $400-500k.

  3. No problem. I initially left the data out because so little homes were sold. But I guess sierra madre isn’t that big a city to begin with…

  4. Very useful data for these cities from TheArcadian and also very informative presentation by T2 Partners LLC from YuLu. Great jobs.

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